v3.0 -Demo


  • Bugs
    • Fixed a bug that allowed the player to undo onto a floor obstacle such as a covered pit and move off of it without breaking it.
    • Fixed a bug where the music puzzle could have more than 3 identical consecutive notes in a sequence.
    • Fixed a bug where Stoney Boys could activate passive (non-activatable) arrow blocks.
    • Fixed a bug where two blocks could end up stacked on top of each other rather than one breaking.
    • Fixed several issues with Stonies rolling off of cliffs.
    • The player can now move off of a solid tile if they somehow spawn onto one, but can not move from a solid onto a solid.
    • Fixed an issue where the player could undo onto the overworld from an island.
    • Fixed a bug where the evil twin could push blocks while falling in a pit or dying on spikes.
    • Fixed an issue with the evil twin’s animations not updating properly.
    • Fixed some audio issues with the music and increased the bitrate of all in game music tracks.
    • Fixed a bug where the player could spawn misaligned on the overworld from a loaded file.
    • Other minor and visual bug fixes.
  • System
    • Revamped save system.
    • Revamped map file system.
    • Revamped cinematics system.
    • Revamped map based sound effects system.
    • The top UI now has its own controller.
    • Other streamlining of, and new tools and functions for the backend.
    • Removed sound turning off on minimization. Will add later as an option.
    • Items and objects (locks, arrow blocks, star locks, etc.) are no longer a part of the undo queue.
    • The game will no longer reset if the player is idle on the name entry screen.
    • Version control updates.
      • Format of game version string and save file names updated.
      • The game is now only concerned with major version changes, demo versions, and alpha or beta versions. I.e. New save files will only be required for such major changes, but will not be required when updated from 3.0 to 3.1 for example.
  • Gameplay
    • Some objects have been removed from the demo in order to avoid confusion about what content is available in the current version such as the mysterious pillar that was on Ancient C1.
    • Removed puzzle blocks (Bronze block that required one or two bronze puzzle pieces). Their function was not clear enough and they did not provide any interesting gameplay. They need some design work and may be reimplemented in a new way in the future.
    • Some areas, paths, and puzzles have been reworked.
    • Secret Tunnels: Shadows will now clear in a short line in front of the player. The tiles have been redesigned to provide a slight hint about where branching paths are.
    • Completion percentage has been added to the pause menu after the player finishes the demo with at least 5 stars.
    • A completion icon will appear on any island that has no items remaining.
    • New Undo Feature
    • Undo is now essentially unlimited on each screen.
    • Undo works with resets, death, and leaving the room.
    • Undo states stay in a room where changes are made as long as the player does not make changes in another room, moves more than 2 screens away, or enters another island.
    • Z has been added as a hotkey for undo.
    • The player can now skip the end screen cutscene.
  • Visual.
    • New menu pointer design.
    • Some tilesets have been reworked to reduce visual noise.
    • Gems have been redesigned.
    • Other minor visual improvements.
  • Sound
    • The music no longer pauses during reset.


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Sep 06, 2020

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